ACC Background

Africa Cybersecurity Consortium (ACC) is a non-profit organization which offers the right environment to facilitate all people, companies, institutions, and organizations within Africa and abroad to collaborate in various areas of cybersecurity and the related matters while acquiring current knowledge and skills about cybersecurity trends and the associated impacts to our community.

ACC, which operates under “Law N° 17/2018 of 13/04/2018 governing companies”, only generates income from service-membership fees, training fees, research support fees, research awards, consultancy fees, organized-event fees, donations, grants, and other means deemed appropriate to a not-profit organization. All generated income will go directly to operations, expansion and other appropriate activities that enable secure cyberspace and the growth of ACC.

The consortium, as not-profit organization, seeks to invest all generated revenues in the promotion of cybersecurity to help reduce cybercrime, cyber attacks and threats in Africa through establishing enough local human capacity, knowledge sharing and providing access to the best renown cybersecurity products and services providers globally at affordable costs to public and private institutions of all sizes

Other activities and areas of interest include local and international partnerships, research, training & certification, mentorship & coaching, lectures & seminars, competitions, cybersecurity funding opportunities, employment, volunteerism,  internships, consultancy services, publications, audits, compliance evaluation, etc.