Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision statement

Africa Cybersecurity Consortium (ACC) vision is to build a joint-effort in preventing, controlling and responding to various forms of cyber attacks and threats throughout the whole country, region, and Africa.


Mission statement

Africa Cybersecurity Consortium mission is:

  • to ensure Africans have a variety of opportunities to the partnership, training, research, consultancy, advocacy, certification, mentorship, coaching, internship and job opportunities in cybersecurity;
  • to ensure the public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations and the general public are aware of cybercrimes and information security issues and the associated risks;
  • to ensure that all parties interested and have joined the consortium gain knowledge and skills to be able to prevent, control and respond in near real-time to cybersecurity attacks and threats;
  • to support in identifying and addressing cybersecurity challenges in African countries;
  • to ensure that its service-based members and the entire community are certified in all domain related to cybersecurity at a lower cost compared to the existing pricing model; and
  • to acquire as many service-based members and partners as possible while ensuring their long-term retention.