Support the growth of ACC

There are number of possible ways you can support Africa Cybersecurity Consortium (ACC) to promote the cybersecurity sector in Africa in any countries.

1) You can become a service-based member who gets added advantages to the various programmes of the consortium. The added advantages include but not limited to:

  • Facilitating the service-based members to publish the papers especially in the selected journals, conferences and proceedings
  • Discounts on the paid trainings being offered the consortium or its partners
  • Discounts on the attendance to paid talks and meetings
  • Use the facilities acquired by the consortium based on the contributions made by the members

2) You can become the ACC’s partners by providing any facility to Africa Cybersecurity Consortium.

The facilities include but not limited to:

  • Providing Internet to the consortium
  • Providing a personal computer (laptop or desktop)  to be used by individuals working with the consortium
  • Providing a server to be used by the consortium during the training, testing and deployment of different applications and systems
  • Providing the tools hosted on the cloud to facilitate remote working and collaboration
  • Providing the working place to the consortium like the place for the office, the training, the talks, the awareness, the meeting, the research or other activities
  • Providing free certified courses to the individuals in the interest of the consortium
  • Providing any other financial or physical support to the consortium

If you feel you can contribute to the growth of the consortium, the following are the ways you can provide your contributions: 

  • Payment via bank:
  • Payment via Mobile Money: